Fresh ingredients matter! ( Vegan Blueberry Lavender Sorbet )

Fresh ingredients matter! ( Vegan Blueberry Lavender Sorbet )

Q & A

Q: Why choose Gabe's ice cream?

A: We know there are lots of local shops nowadays and most of them claim "homemade ice cream". Gabe's uses quality sourced ingredients and local when available. We use only natural flavorings, most of which are made from scratch... real fresh fruit, herbs, nuts, vanilla, caramel, most of our mix-ins and even coloring from natural sources ( plants, flowers, fruit)...or we don't color it at all! Our main ingredient is pure LOVE.

Q: Is your ice cream gluten free?

A: Yes! Our sweet cream base ( Philly or French style) is naturally gluten free, however it depends on the flavor and the mix-ins, so check out our flavor page for your dietary restrictions or our staff can steer you in the right direction in house.

Q: Do you have dairy free options?

A: Yes! We make multiple dairy free options from scratch and they are vegan to boot! Gabe's dairy free is natural fresh fruit based or coconut milk based, so nut-free diets welcome!

Q: Does your ice cream contain egg or egg yolks?

A: Yes and no... most of our ice cream is "Philly Style" egg yolk free. So, that will depend on the mix-ins in the specific flavor. However, depending on the flavor we want to make, an egg yolk custard base or "French Style" may be warranted. If you have a preference or allergy let us know before ordering.